Struggling to Create Engaging Marketing Content for Laboratory Technology?

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Are You a Marketer Responsible for Promoting Lab Technology?

Well then you know the right marketing materials can be valuable assets… creating awareness, leads, and sales for your company.

And they can also help position your product as the only viable solution to a problem.

But creating marketing content for scientific technology can take a lot of time and resources. And finding someone who’s qualified to help you is even harder.

That’s because communicating science and scientific products takes a unique blend of skills.

You need someone with a scientific background who knows the technology, but who also has the marketing and copywriting skills to create compelling content that moves your reader to take action.

Hi, I’m Colm…

Science and technology fascinated me ever since I was in school.

I started this business as a way of combining my background in science with an interest in marketing and copywriting.

I wanted to help promote exciting technology, as well as help scientific companies grow and make more of an impact.

You could say that’s my superpower: blending scientific knowledge with marketing and copywriting skills – I bridge the worlds of science and marketing.

And my mission is to help companies promote products and services that could someday change the world. Scientific research is often only as good as the tools available to scientists. I think it’s critical that companies get the word out about these tools so we can all benefit.

Kudos from happy clients:

When we first chatted with Colm, we were working with a limited budget for the project. So I was concerned about his fees.

And as we hadn’t worked together before, it was a brand new engagement and so I was worried it would take a long time to bring him up to speed on our project, products, and so on.

After working with him, I found that the quality of work he did for us was higher than expected. I liked how he understood the business objectives we were trying to achieve, along with his professional suggestions on how to improve campaign performance with gated content SEO.

He was also able to provide a whole communications package for the success story, including emails and social media posts.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with his work

Shiyo Lin, Marketing Manager, EMEA, Leica Microsystems

Colm is an expert not only in writing and knowledge on essentials for a web presence, but also in the field of microscopy and analytics – he was a perfect fit for our target audience.

Communication was smooth and quick, and he took in the huge amount of information we passed to him in our briefing meetings rapidly and easily.

This is an accomplishment in itself, knowing the complexity of our subjects, a bundle of materials science research topics and very specific product features.

Colm easily learned our corporate language style and the tone of voice that resonates with our materials research academia target group.

I would not hesitate to contact him again in case future projects come up.”

Sabine Lenz, Marketing Specialist, Carl Zeiss Microscopy

Colm is fantastic to work with.

His communication from start to finish was excellent. He wrote four blog articles for me on technically demanding topics that required him to do a significant amount of background research.

I was impressed with the outcome, blogs were delivered in a timely fashion and were pitched at the perfect level for the target audience.

Colm made edits to first drafts promptly and used his understanding of SEO to tactically place keywords in the text.

I highly recommend his services.”

Adam Tozer, Head of Scientific Content, Synthace

I was very pleased with Colm’s work, professionalism, flexibility, and timeliness. He was able to take direction from the client, which is so important. And he delivered all work on time.

A couple of other things: he used well-researched material with quality attributed sources for everything he wrote. This is especially important for objective content for high-tech and scientific firms, where everything needs to be backed up with solid proof. He was also able to make technical language approachable to a general audience.

Finally, his white-labelled service – ghostwriting content for science and tech companies – was much appreciated.

Overall, I’m glad I found Colm, and I’m happy to recommend him for all of the above reasons.”

Sean Perlmutter, Founding Partner, Pivotal Twist

Wondering what to do next?

You have a few options:

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