Are You a B2B Technology Marketer Struggling to Create Great Content?

Content marketing and SEO are indispensable tools in driving revenue and accelerating the sales cycle in B2B technology sectors.

Sadly, the most frequently cited challenges for B2B marketers include creating the right content, creating content consistently, and differentiating content.

You’ll probably agree that one of the reasons for all this is a lack of resources.

Your challenge includes not only developing engaging and informative content but also ensuring that it reaches and resonates with your intended audience.

In the current B2B landscape, where buyers typically engage with multiple content pieces before contacting sales, the impact of high-quality content is undeniable.

Crafting Success in Content Marketing

To overcome these challenges, you need a comprehensive approach.

Firstly, your focus should be on creating content that’s not only informative but also engaging and relevant to the target audience. This involves understanding the audience’s pain points and presenting solutions in a clear, compelling manner.

Secondly, effective content distribution is key. Using SEO, social media, email marketing, and strategic partnerships ensures your content reaches the right audience and drives lead generation.

By emphasizing both high-quality content creation and smart distribution strategies, you can turn your content into powerful tools for lead generation and establishing thought leadership.

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Hi, I’m Colm – B2B Content Marketing Writer & Consultant

My name is Colm O’Regan.

I’m a former research scientist with 10 years of experience in chemistry and nanotechnology.

Now, I’m a fully-fledged marketing nerd. And I use this combination of scientific knowledge and marketing skills to help B2B technology and AI companies promote products that could someday change the world.

This unique combo is important because it’s tough to find a writer and content strategist who has both.

For example, many tech people don’t know how to write marketing content. And many writers and consultants don’t have a scientific background.

With me, you get the best of both worlds.

If you’re interested in learning more, please contact me at

More About Me…

If you’re struggling to find the time and resources to create marketing content that drives revenue for your company, then you have come to the right place.

I help B2B technology and AI marketers create engaging white papers, blog posts, emails, and case studies that drive traffic, leads, and sales.

Here’s a bit about me and my background:

I have always been fascinated by science and technology

I’ve loved science and technology since school. And I started this business as a way of combining my background in science with my interest in marketing and copywriting.

I wanted to help promote exciting technology, as well as help my clients grow and make more of an impact.

You could say that’s my superpower

Blending scientific knowledge with marketing and copywriting skills is critical if you want to create effective content – I can help you bridge the worlds of technology and marketing.

And my mission is to help B2B technology and AI companies promote products and services that could someday change the world. Having an amazing product is only half the battle. You also need to promote it and get the word out.

I was a scientist for more than 10 years

And I have worked in research labs across 4 countries.

So I have hands-on experience with many of the products I write about.

This background has also given me an insight into the problems technology marketers face every day and how they make buying decisions.

On top of that, I have been writing marketing content for leading tech companies since 2015.

These companies include Leica Microsystems, Carl Zeiss Microscopy, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Bruker Nanoanalytics, Merck, and Oxford Instruments.

I’ve also written for publications such as MarketingProfs, the ACS Marketing Elements blog, and AZoNetwork. When I’m not working on client projects, I like to build affiliate marketing websites (like this one about coffee), visit other countries, enjoy a refreshing craft ale, and wrestle other humans for fun.

Here’s what to do next:

If you would like to discuss a project, your next step is to drop me an email at to schedule a Clarity Call. All client engagements start with one of these.

I always reply within 24 hours, Monday – Friday.

Some things to be aware of:

  • I don’t polish existing text. You get the most benefit when you hire me from the beginning of a project.
  • I like to be kept in the loop from start to finish.
  • I don’t like mumbo-jumbo phrases, such as state-of-the-art, best-in-class, cutting edge, and so on. I won’t include them in any copy I write.
  • I ask a lot of questions about your project and don’t like to be ordered around. I expect to be treated as a partner when I come on board.

Contact me at to schedule a call and discuss a project.