Email Newsletters

A big problem faced by many scientific tech companies is staying top-of-mind with their prospects and customers. They also struggle with consistently keeping their audience educated, engaged, and interested in what they have to offer over the long term.

The good news is a well-crafted email newsletter can solve those problems for you… if you do it the right way.

Sadly, most scientific tech newsletters fail to do this.


In a word, they’re boring. They only include news updates on the company… like awards won, new hires and promotions, and other items their customers have no interest in.

Instead, you need to write a newsletter with your ideal customer in mind. Then you’ll know what to write to keep them engaged. In turn, this engagement builds loyalty.

In other words, a great email newsletter helps “humanize” your company – something that’s even more important for scientific corporations, since it’s harder to see the people behind the marketing and the technology. Often, your audience just sees a corporate entity.

Let me help you create an engaging email newsletter…

Remember… a good email newsletter has information your customers want. And no, this doesn’t mean news about awards and promotions.

I can help you create a newsletter that keeps you top-of-mind and your audience engaged. Not only will they be interested in your newsletter’s content, but they’ll also be excited to receive it every week (or month) and will look forward to opening it.

If you would like to discuss this, then your next step is to schedule a Project Roadmap.

Email and let’s talk!