Free Resources

I have created a few ebooks and PDF downloads for science marketers. A few of them are provided here, which you can download free of charge and with no obligation. And you won’t need to submit an email address or give your contact details either. Enjoy :).

NOTE: some links in these PDFs may no longer work. And some contact details will be out of date.

If you find them useful, please drop me an email at and let me know! Just click the image or the “Download Here” link to download the PDF.

14 Proven Strategies for Generating Leads and Sales for Lab Technology

There are 3 general prinicples to keep in mind when marketing scientific technology. This 84-page ebook outlines these principles, along with 14 strategies you can use to generate leads, convert those leads into buyers, and turn those buyers into loyal, repeat customers. Download here.

51 Tips for Doubling Your Lead Generation With Marketing Content

A few simple direct marketing fundamentals is all you need to increase conversion and generate more leads. The little things do count! This guide will show you how to optimise all of your communications so they generate a higher response…. so more people actually download and read your marketing. Download here.

Scaling Up Nanotechnology Sales: A Marketing Manger’s Guide to Driving Revenue with White Papers

This report was used in my very first direct mail campaign all the way back in 2015, while I was living in Singapore. White papers are critical for generating high-quality leads. But most science marketers don’t know how to create an effective piece. This PDF will give you some good ideas and strategies for improving the effectiveness and marketing yield of your white papers. Download here.