Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously, you want to know more about someone before you hire them.

The purpose of this section is to answer the most important (and commonly asked) questions about my services. So here we go:

(a) I’m nervous about hiring an outside writer. Is there any risk?

Nope. You risk absolutely nothing.


Because I stand by my services 100% and can guarantee you high quality work delivered on time, on budget, and on message. I’m easy to work with, and I never miss a deadline. 

You also get two complete rounds of revisions, done fast and free of charge.

So there’s no risk.

(b) What are your qualifications as a writer for science and technology?

Hmmm… let’s see. I’ve written marketing content and copy for some of the leading biotechnology and lab technology companies in the world. These include Leica Microsystems, Oxford Instruments, EAG Laboratories (Eurofins), AZoNetwork Group, and ELGA Labwater. 

I publish the weekly curated email newsletter Science Marketer Weekly, and have written several ebooks and articles about science and technology marketing. I’ve also written articles for science marketing publications, including the ACS Marketing Elements blog, the Biotech Marketing Network newsletter, and AZo Network

Before this, I worked as a scientist for over a decade, and wrote plenty of technical documents including reports, PowerPoint presentations, abstracts, posters, scientific papers and tutorials – mostly in a university environment. So I understand scientific technology and scientists, meaning I can write copy that speaks to this technical audience. 

(c) Do you have a science background?

I sure do!

I’ve a degree in chemistry and a Ph.D. in nanotechnology – a background very few writers or agencies can compete with.

And I’ve spent over a decade working in science labs. This gives me an understanding and grasp of the subject matter that surpasses most copywriters and agencies.

My extensive experience makes me an ideal choice. I’m capable of understanding sophisticated technologies and products. And clients appreciate the fact that I’m able to sit down with scientists, engineers, systems professionals and other specialists, ask intelligent questions and speak their language.

 I’ve also published papers in high impact scientific journals as part of my doctorate, and written and presented materials at international conferences. This includes presenting technical work through oral and poster presentations and through written scientific papers, which means I’m able to communicate technical materials effectively.

(d) What scientific technology do you have experience with?

Working in science labs for over a decade means I have hands-on experience with various scientific products and technology. These include, but are not limited to:

– Nanotechnology

– Li-ion batteries

– Chemicals (reagents, solvents, etc.)

– Energy storage

– Controlled atmosphere systems (gloveboxes etc.)

– Electron microscopes

– Analytical balances

– Chemical vapour deposition equipment

– High pressure equipment

– General lab equipment (syringes, glassware etc.)

(e) Do you have experience in my field?

If you manufacture and sell lab equipment, chemicals, or scientific products, then I probably have experience with it or something very similar.

(f) Who are your clients, and what do they say about your copy?

Kristopher Walker, Head of Content, from AZo Network says “Not only do we value Colm’s experience within the scientific arena, we also value his vast knowledge in writing for the web. Skills that seldom go hand in hand when you are looking for writers within the scientific communication space. Colm’s professional approach has been of great benefit, with quality articles turned around within a short space of time that require little or no editing.”

Joanne Fallowfield, Marketing Manager with Leica Microsystems, was happy with my quick turnaround time and commitment to meeting deadlines, “Thanks for the white paper Colm. We will discuss, gather feedback from the whole team and come back to you very quickly. I really appreciate your timely delivery here.” 

Ben Ohler, Director of Marketing with Asylum Research, was pleased with my ability to repurpose content and suggest ways to optimize response times for an application note, “Thanks for providing the information on optimizing the response rate of app notes. I respect your ability to multitask and repurpose content. The application note is in good shape now and consistent with what I expected. I’d happily work with you again”

And Dodo-Leonie Husmann, Head of Marketing Portfolio Management at HBK was impressed with how I brought fresh ideas to the table and the quality of my writing, “When I first considered working with Colm, I was a little hesitant. I was concerned about his high fees, and didn’t want to spend too much money on copywriting since I wasn’t sure if the final product (a white paper) would be worth it. I was also concerned about the possibility that he might be unavailable. But after working with him, we got a high quality piece of content that we can now market as part of our thought leadership approach. What I liked best about working with Colm was that he provided his own ideas, and his work was very structured and organized. He provided a timeline, expected scope, etc etc.e isn’t fazed by errors or the time it takes to get results. He stays focused on the goal and his will to succeed usually pays out.”

For more examples, check out my Testimonials page.

(g) What kind of assignments do you handle?

I specialize in helping science and technology companies create engaging emails. And I also help them create marketing content such as articles, blog posts, white papers, and case studies.

(h) How do I work with you?

Visit my Work With Me page for more information. Or drop me an email at

(i) How much does it cost to hire you?

For any project or service, I will quote you an exact fee after I receive all necessary information relating to the project. This is because all work is customized based on the needs of the client. But I can give you a ballpark range during the Project Roadmap if you have a basic idea of the project you want to discuss. Below, I’ve also included the investment on recent projects I’ve completed for clients:

(j) Do you charge by the hour or by project?

I charge a flat fee based on the project, to be paid upfront. For larger projects, there is the option to pay 50% upfront and 50% 30 days later, or upon delivery of the first draft (whichever comes first).

I also offer a monthly retainer for clients who want to save money over the long run. But this is based on a set amount of work each month, and is usually only recommended after I’ve worked on a couple different projects. A retainer is also offered for email copywriting, since clients usually need regular emails every week.

(k) How long will it take you to complete my project?

This is difficult to say, as every project is different. For example, a typical white paper will take about 4 weeks to complete the first draft. This includes the initial kick-off call, interviews, research, and writing.

Expect about 2-3 days for an email and roughly a week for a short blog post.

This gives me time to properly research, organize, write, edit and revise your document until I’m pleased with it. If I take the job, I guarantee you will have the copy in your inbox by the agreed date – or sooner.

As a general rule, I do not accept rush jobs. I insist on providing all my clients with high quality and high value copy. 

(l) What happens if we want anything revised?

No problem. Just tell me what you want improved and what the changes are, and I’ll make them fast, and at my expense.

I offer two complete rounds of revisions on any project I do for a client.

Most of my clients are thrilled with the first draft I send them. But if you’re not, I’ll work on it until your happy. No questions asked.