How Can I Work With You?

The process of working with me is simple – see the flowchart below.

The first step is scheduling a 15-minute Clarity Call.

Before the call, I’ll send you a link to a questionnaire which you’ll have to complete.

To schedule your call, email me at Or fill out the contact form here.

Before working with Colm, I was concerned he would be unavailable or hard to contact during the project. I was also worried about slow feedback and important mistakes being made during the writing process.

Instead, I found him to be very responsive, and he quickly understood the purpose of the project (a white paper) and what needed to be done. His ability to guide the HBM team in terms of what was important to include in the white paper was appreciated, as he gave valuable suggestions at each step of the process.

Colm also provided new ideas for content creation, he easily understood what we needed for revisions, and was quick to make any changes that were asked for.

I’d definitely recommend his services.”

Cristina Barbosa, International Product Manager, HBM