Online Video Scripts

Online video lends itself perfectly to scientific technology marketing.

Why? Because of it’s ability to share important information in a short amount of time. It takes much longer to read a white paper or article about a specific subject. But video can convey the most salient points in a matter of minutes. So it’s much more convenient for people to consume video compared to the written word.

This means the most savvy science marketers are paying close attention to where video is going. And they’re looking at how they can use this medium to their advantage.

Online video has been massive over the last few years

But the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated its use and development. The companies that move to the head of the line will be those who embrace video as a crucial part of any marketing campaign.

So if you’re going to put together a video as part of a campaign, you need to know the fundamentals of effective online video scripts. And you need to know about the different kinds of videos that scientific tech companies produce (product demo scripts, video case studies, etc.)

Some questions to ask yourself:

Do you know the most important questions to ask before writing a video script?

Are you writing your scripts the same way you write an article or white paper? This is a common mistake, since writing for video is an entirely different skillset. Make sure you know the difference!

Do you know how to prevent viewers from clicking off your video? This can help you retain viewers and boost conversions, yet many people don’t know how to do it.


Don’t be. Instead of worrying about all of these things yourself, why not hire me to write the script for you? If you would like to discuss an upcoming video project, schedule a Project Roadmap and we’ll talk through it.