Refer a B2B Technology Marketing Professional 

Referrals are an important part of my business.

In fact, it’s my preferred way of working with clients. 

If you have a colleague, friend, or anyone else who is in need of a great white paper, I invite you to connect them with me.

Read through this page. It will give you a sense of who I help and how I can help them.

What type of clients do you work with?

I work with marketing professionals in B2B technology companies.

Typically, my clients have titles such as:

  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing director
  • Content marketing manager
  • Marketing communications manager

And they typically in work in a high-tech industry, such as:

  • Life sciences
  • Lab technology
  • Computers and Software
  • Medical
  • B2B Services

Please note: Your referral should be an economic buyer – someone who has the budget and the authority to hire outside help.

What problems can you help with?

In a nutshell, I help technology companies create engaging white papers that drive leads and sales. 

For example, I help clients who:

  • Need a white paper and have no idea how to get started.
  • Have a project that isn’t clearly defined. 
  • Are not sure how to best leverage their content once it’s created.
  • Don’t know how to promote their white papers or get more eyeballs on them.
  • Need a content calendar or plan for the next three months.
  • Struggle to find the time to get their white papers finished (or started). 
  • Need clarity or a valuable outside perspective.
  • Need complex technology subjects translated into easy-to-understand copy.

Specifically, here is a selection of problems I help solve: 

  • Creating a Done-For-You white paper. I research, plan, and write the entire white paper myself. Optional supporting materials like case studies can be included. See my White Paper Writing package. 
  • Developing a content calendar or plan for the next 3 months. This includes a prioritized list of marketing and growth opportunities for your product. It also includes a slide deck to gain buy-in from key stakeholders. See my Content Calendar Plan.
  • Planning a white paper so it has the best chance at succeeding. You’re also able to more easily write the white paper once you have planned it properly. See my White Paper Planning service. 
  • Repurposing your existing white papers into multiple content formats for added mileage. See my Content Multiplier service. 
  • Creating a done-for-you case study. Case studies (or customer success stories) can be included in a white paper (or used separately) to showcase how a client used your solution to solve a problem. See my Case Study Writing package.

For more information on how I can help, please see my services page or contact me here.

How should I refer people to you?

The best way to refer someone to me is to send them a link to my New Client questionnaire. 

That is the best way for us to start the conversation.

Send them a link to this page: 

Please let them know that when they fill out the questionnaire, they should put down your name as the person who referred them to me. 

Further on down this page, I’ve included an email you can copy and paste and send to anyone you’d like to refer to me. The email introduces me, explains what I can help with, and outlines my service offerings. (Feel free to make any changes you’d like before you send it.)

Who should I refer to you?

Here’s a tip: 

My clients typically don’t wake up in the morning and say “hmmm, I really need some content marketing help today”.

Instead, they say things like:

“We need to update the content on our website…” 

“We need a content plan/calendar for the next quarter” 

“We need to write a white paper or case study and don’t know where to start” 

“We have an idea for a project, but it’s not defined” 

“We just don’t have the time to get any of this content creation done” 

“We want to do more marketing, but we’re already swamped”

If you have heard anyone say this recently, they may be a good referral!

Just remember they’re usually in a similar position to you – a marketing professional responsible for creating white papers that promote complex, scientific, or high-tech products. 

Do you have an introduction email I can use?

You bet!

Just copy and paste the email below.

Put their name in and fill out the relevant bits (marked in BOLD) and send the email off to someone you’ve identified (CC or BCC’ing me, preferably, so I know you’ve referred them to me).


You mentioned you were looking for help with [Problem or issue facing their business OR an outcome they’re looking for]. 

I’d like to introduce you to Colm O’Regan, Founder of, who specializes in helping technology marketers create engaging white papers that drive leads, and sales. 

I’m familiar with Colm’s work and highly recommend him as someone that you speak with. 

I’ve CC’d Colm on this email. He’ll be replying in a day or two to learn more and set up an initial call with you. In the meantime, I recommend you fill out his short questionnaire and tell him a bit more about you, your business, and your goals. 

That way, he’ll know in advance of the call how he can best help you (make sure to put me down as the source of the referral). The link is:

Once you’ve filled out his short questionnaire, Colm will be in touch to schedule a time for the two of you to speak. 

Looking forward to hearing how the conversation goes.

[Your name and signature here]

Thank You 

I appreciate you taking the time to read this page. 

As a next step, you can connect me with 2-3 (or more) of your colleagues. 

And if there is anyone I can refer you to, just email me and let me know and I’ll see who in my network is a match for your business. 


Colm O’Regan,