Samples of Work

Below are a few samples of my client work. Click the link to download the PDF.

This white paper was written for a company that specialises in providing ultrapure water for labs. It’s used as a gated download on their website, and outlines how ultrapure water is necessary for getting reliable results from high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Download it here

This short white paper was written as a mini buyer’s guide for neuroscientists. It outlines 7 key points to keep in mind when choosing an instrument for optogenetics research. Download it here

This application note was written to showcase a before and after story, almost like a traditional case study. The product in question was a liquid-cell TEM holder used for analysis of lithium deposits on an electrode. Note the benefit-oriented title and the problem-solutions-results format of the body copy. Download it here

This slide is based on the above application note, and was created for the sales team to use at exhibits. It’s a summary of the challenge, solution and results of the research team, highlighting how the product helped them with their research and makes a great talking point at the exhibit. Download it here

This white paper below was written as a lead generation piece. It was based on 2-3 academic publications that showed how an atomic force microscope was used to characterize the ionic liquid Stern layer. Download it here

This landing page was used to promote the application note above on the use of AFM for ionic liquid research. The important points to note are: clean page with no distractions, a single-call to action which is repeated twice, benefit headline, clear image of the offer (the app note), company logo at the top of the page and bullet points for easy scanning. Download it here

This article was written for the Azo Network blog. Download it here

This article was written for the American Chemical Society Marketing Elements blog. It outlines the motivating sequence used in copywriting to engage readers and keep them reading. Download it here. Or, read it on the ACS blog here

This piece is a short 7-step white paper written for Leica Microsystems. It outlines how life scientists can carry out more successful research projects. Download it here

This is a press release written for the Communications department of the National University of Singapore (NUS). It tells the story of NUS researchers discovering a way to protect cancer patients from chemobrain. Download it here

This white paper or buyer’s guide details how life science researchers can choose successful microscopes for their projects. It discusses important considerations to keep in mind when buying a microscope for life science, and then lists critical questions than can be asked to make the process easier. Download it here

Below is a white paper written for Leica Microsystems that discusses how recently funded life scientists can be more successful with their projects. It basically acts as a “next steps” guide for these scientists, and guides them along the path of successful research. Download it here

This lead generation email was aimed at academic researchers new to immunohistochemistry (IHC), and who would benefit from protocol videos, tips & tricks, and application notes guiding them through some of the more difficult steps in the IHC protocol. It directed readers to a landing page promoting these resources. Download it here

This email was sent as a follow up to those researchers who registered for the IHC content promoted in the first email above. It gave a listing of relevant companion products to support their protocol. Download it here.