How I Can Help You – Resources for SaaS Marketers

Clarity Call

This is the starting point if you have a project to discuss or you need clarification on anything. The Clarity Call is a fast, 15-minute session where we get clear on the steps you need to take to move you closer towards your goals. I ask you questions. You can ask me questions. And we see if we’re a good fit.


15-minute video call

Website Audit

A website audit highlighting hidden opportunities to rank higher.

There are 1.9 billion websites out there. All competing for reader attention online. It’s vitally important your website is up to scratch and checks off all the necessary boxes. Otherwise it won’t rank and your audience will never find you. I’ll give you a complete website and content audit to identify areas that need optimizing so you can rank higher on Google.


60-Minute Call | Website Review | Complete Audit and Report | 30-Minute Follow Up Call

Content Brief

Get a 2-page content brief in 3 business days – a valuable asset that takes the guesswork out of what to write.

A content brief is a short document that tells you exactly what to write for your next article. I figure out what you need to do to rank on Page 1 of Google so you don’t have to. The brief includes a recommended headline/title, secondary keywords, the search intent, a realistic goal and timeframe, word count, competing posts, and an outline (including all headings and subheads). You just need to tell me the keyword you want to rank for.


60 minute call | 2-Page Content Brief for one keyword | 30-minute follow up call.

Keyword Research

Get 20 target keywords you can rank for within 12 months

Keyword research is tough. Years ago, you could quickly rank and profit from tons of keywords. Sadly, the barrier to entry is higher in 2023 due to the more competitive landscape. But the there are still plenty of opportunities if you know how to find them. For this service, you’ll get a report with 20 relevant target keywords, along with a realistic goal and timeframe for each. You’ll also get complete details on how and why I chose each keyword.


60-minute call | Detailed report with 10 keywords | 30-minute follow up call

Content Calendar Planning

24 of your best content pieces for the next 12 Weeks. In 90 minutes

Struggling to create great content? Can’t find the time to plan your marketing? I’ll help you create a content plan for the next 3 months, including in-depth keyword research and competitive analysis. 24 content pieces works out to 2 per week for 12 weeks. And we’ll also outline the promotional materials for each content piece, including emails and social media posts. Note: This does not include writing the actual content.


90-minute video call | 12 Week Content Calendar | 30-minute follow up call

SEO Content Writing

One article or blog post written and fully optimized for Google in 3 business days

I can help you create valuable long term assets that rank on Google and drive traffic. These articles can target top-of-funnel info keywords or bottom-of-funnel commercial keywords with high buying intent. You need to provide me with a content brief before I begin. Or I can create the brief for you (with keyword research and competitive analysis) for an additional fee. I have 3 writing packages that start at $850 per article. Email me for more information.


60-minute video call | 1 article/blog post | 30 minute follow up call

White Paper Writing

Get a 2,500 word lead generating white paper in 20 business days

White papers are valuable business assets that can generate awareness, leads, and sales for a company for years after publication. Sadly, white papers are a specific format of content marketing that many writers can’t grasp. They are objective, fact-based, and need to be backed up with proof. Due to my science background, I enjoy researching and writing white papers that showcase a specific software.


60-Minute Call | 1 White Paper | 30-Minute Follow Up Call

Science copywriter

Content Marketing Multiplier

Turn one long-form content piece into 10 additional assets in 7 business days

Your white papers, articles, webinars, and case studies are valuable assets. And repurposing those assets gives them more mileage and gets them in front of more people. Repurposing also saves you time and headaches, since you don’t have to create anything from scratch. I’ll take one piece of content you’ve already created and turn it into 10 different assets for you within 7 business days.


60-minute video call | 10 pieces of content | 30 minute follow up call

Partnership Program

A retainer for those clients who need consistent work done on a month by month basis

Each month, we agree on a specific number of content pieces to create. These could be blogs, articles, white papers, or case studies. Also included is the strategy, keyword research, planning, and content briefs for each article. You also get one 30-minute call per week to discuss content and direction. Clients who engage in the Partnership Program get priority access to my time. There is a minimum contract of 3 months.

Included (per month):

Four 30-minute calls | Up to 8 SEO-optimized articles | Planning, keyword research, content briefs