How Can I Help You? Resources for Life Science Marketers

Clarity Call

This is the starting point if you have a project to discuss or you need clarification on anything. The Clarity Call is a fast, 15-minute session where we get clear on the steps you need to take to move you closer towards your goals. I ask you questions. You can ask me questions. And we see if we’re a good fit.


15-minute video call

Project Roadmapping

Give me 60 minutes and I’ll help you define your project, gain clarity around your most important problem, outline next steps, and build an actionable plan around those steps

Failing to clearly define a project can lead to procrastination, ambiguity, overanalysis. It can also cost you money and time (your most valuable resource). These are your enemies – they can derail a marketing project before it even gets off the ground.

Project Roadmapping helps you avoid these problems.


60-minute call | Report & content plan | 30-minute follow up call

Content Calendar Planning

24 of your best content pieces for the next 12 Weeks. In 90 minutes

Struggling to create great content? Can’t find the time to plan your marketing? I’ll help you create a content plan for the next 3 months, including in-depth keyword research and competitive analysis. 24 content pieces works out to 2 per week for 12 weeks. And we’ll also outline the promotional materials for each content piece, including emails and social media posts. Note: This does not include writing the actual content.


90-minute video call | 12-week content calendar | 30-minute follow up call

SEO Blog Writing

Drive organic traffic with SEO-Optimized blog posts

I can help you create valuable long-term assets that rank on Google and drive traffic. These articles can target top-of-funnel informational keywords or bottom-of-funnel commercial keywords with high buying intent. With the right strategy, you can build a consistent pipeline of qualified leads that convert.

Contact me for more details.

White Paper Writing

Get a 2,500 word lead generating white paper in 20 business days

White papers are valuable business assets that generate awareness, leads, and sales for a company for years after publication. Sadly, white papers are a specific type of content marketing that many writers can’t grasp. They are objective, fact-based, and are backed up with proof. Due to my science background, I enjoy researching and writing white papers that showcase a specific technology.


60-minute call | 1 white paper | 30-minute follow up call

Writing white papers

Email Marketing

Drive engagement and sales with your most profitable marketing channel.

Email is the single most profitable marketing channel. The average ROI of $40. That means for every dollar you spend on email, you can generate $40 in revenue. And unlike other methods (like SEO), email produces results fast – usually in a matter of hours or days. I can help you create highly engaging emails that boost your bottom line.

Contact me for more details.

Content Marketing Multiplier

Turn one long-form content piece into 10 additional assets in 14 business days

Your white papers, articles, webinars, and case studies are valuable assets. And repurposing those assets gives them more mileage and gets them in front of more people. Repurposing also saves you time and headaches, since you don’t have to create anything from scratch. I’ll take one piece of content you’ve already created and turn it into 10 different assets for you within 14 business days.


60-minute video call | 10 pieces of content | 30-minute follow up call

Partnership Program

A retainer for those clients who need consistent work done on a month-by-month basis

Each month, we agree on a specific number of content pieces to create. These could be blogs, articles, white papers, or case studies. Also included are the strategy, keyword research, planning, and content briefs for each piece. You also get one 30-minute call per week to discuss content and direction. Clients who engage in the Partnership Program get priority access to my time. There is a minimum contract of 3 months.

Contact me for more details.