Resources to Help B2B Technology Marketers Move Their Projects Forward

Clarity Call

This is the starting point if you have a project to discuss or you need clarification on anything. The Clarity Call is a fast, 15-minute session where we get clear on the steps you need to take to move you closer towards your goals. I ask you questions. You can ask me questions. And we see if we’re a good fit.


15-minute video call

Investment: FREE

Project Roadmapping/White Paper Planning

All formal engagements begin with Project Roadmapping.

Give me 90 minutes and I’ll help you define your project, gain clarity around your most important problem, outline next steps, and build an actionable plan. This is where we plan your white paper and get everyone on board – every minute planning saves 10 minutes in execution. NOTE: this is a required first step for any project.


90-minute video call | Detailed report | 30-minute follow up call

Investment: $1,250

White Paper Writing

Get a 6-8 page white paper in 20 business days – a valuable content asset that continues to generate results for months.

White papers are valuable tools for highlighting a specific problem in an industry and then focusing on a new and improved solution to that problem. So they can position your company as an industry leader, and a provider of valuable, helpful content. I have 3 white paper packages – contact me for more information.


60 minute kickoff call | White paper plan | White paper | Optional promotional content (not included in basic package)

Investment: Packages start at $4,500

Case Study Writing

Get a 3-4 page case study that showcases how you solved a customer problem

Customer success stories (or case studies) play a huge role in any marketing and sales process. They’re effective because they are based on the marketing principle of “show, don’t tell”. It’s one thing for you to promote your own products and services, but it’s always much more believable (and powerful) when a happy customer does this for you. I have 3 case study packages – contact me for more information.


90-minute kickoff call | Case study | Customer interview

Investment: Packages start at $1,750

Content Calendar Planning

24 of Your Best Content Pieces for the next 12 Weeks. In 90 Minutes

Struggling to create great content? Can’t find the time to plan your marketing? I’ll help you create a content plan for the next 3 months and a slide deck to help you sell this plan to key stakeholders. 24 content pieces works out to 2 per week for 12 weeks. But we’ll also outline the promotional materials for each content piece, including emails and social media posts. Note: This does not include writing the actual content.


90-minute video call | Content calendar and sales deck | 30-minute follow up call |

Investment: $4,750

Content Marketing Multiplier

Turn one white paper into 10 different pieces in less than 7 days.

Your white papers are valuable assets. And repurposing those assets gives them more mileage and gets them in front of more people. Repurposing also saves you time and headaches, since you don’t have to create anything from scratch. I’ll take one white paper you’ve created and turn it into 10 different assets for you within 7 business days.


90-minute video call | Detailed report | 10 pieces of content | 30 minute follow up call

Investment: $3,500