Initially, we were hesitant to work with Colm, as our expected turnaround time is a bit shorter than what he projected in his general estimates. And we didn’t want any significant delays. But he was flexible enough to adjust to our tight timeline, and the work was performed in a timely manner with clear communication as to expected completion dates. 

Also, while some revisions were necessary to the proposed copy, I’m confident that given a more relaxed timeline with 1-2 actual rounds of feedback, the writing would have been on-par with our team’s style and expectations. 

What I liked most about working with Colm was his familiarity with our instruments and techniques. This meant that many of the initial hurdles of working with a writer on our scientifically rigorous marketing material were easily overcome. This is vital, as working with general technical writers has required an extensive training period just to get them up to speed on terminology and the basic science surrounding our products. But with Colm, this wasn’t needed. 

I also appreciated his willingness to accept my feedback and adjust future work accordingly. I didn’t have to give much direction as to how to work with the provided source content, which saved a lot of time. 

Generally, Colm was able to clearly collect the salient points surrounding a particular technology and present them in a way that was easy to understand, which is of high value in our field. 

Overall I would recommend Colm’s copywriting services. The combination of clear communication, timeliness, and comfort writing about challenging material is highly valuable for scientific copywriting in a fast-paced marketing setting.” 

– Alexandre Ilitchev, Science Content Writer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

“When I first considered working with Colm, I was a little hesitant. I was concerned about his high fees, and didn’t want to spend too much money on copywriting since I wasn’t sure if the final product (a white paper) would be worth it.  I was also concerned about the possibility that he might be unavailable. But after working with him, we got a high quality piece of content that we can now market as part of our thought leadership approach.

What I liked best about working with Colm was that he provided his own ideas, and his work was very structured and organized. He provided a timeline, expected scope, etc etc.

I would definitely recommend Colm as copywriter because he was fast and uncomplicated, even when we were a bit stressed, short on time, and when we did not work in a very structured way.  All in all, I’m happy I found Colm on LinkedIn!”

– Dodo-Leonie Husmann, Head of Marketing Portfolio Management, Hottinger, Brüel & Kjær

“I was very pleased with Colm’s work, professionalism, flexibility, and timeliness. He was able to take direction from the client, which is so important. And he delivered all work on time.

A couple of other things: he used well-researched material with quality attributed sources for everything he wrote. This is especially important for objective content for high-tech and scientific firms, where everything needs to be backed up with solid proof. He was also able to make technical language approachable to a general audience. Finally, his white-labelled service – ghostwriting content for science and tech companies – was much appreciated.

Overall, I’m glad I found Colm, and I’m happy to recommend him for all of the above reasons.

-Sean Perlmutter, Founding Partner, Pivotal Twist

Colm is fantastic to work with. His communication from start to finish has been excellent. Colm wrote four blog articles for me on technically demanding topics that required him to do a significant amount of background research. I was impressed with the outcome, blogs were delivered in a timely fashion and were pitched at the perfect level for the target audience. Colm made edits to first drafts promptly and used his understanding of SEO to tactically place keywords in the text. I highly recommend his services“.

– Adam Tozer, Head of Scientific Content, Synthace

Not only do we value Colm’s experience within the scientific arena, we also value his vast knowledge in writing for the web. Skills that seldom go hand in hand when you are looking for writers within the scientific communication space. Colm’s professional approach has been of great benefit, with quality articles turned around within a short space of time that require little or no editing”

Kristopher Walker, Head of Content, AZoNetwork Group

“Before working with Colm, I was concerned he would be unavailable or hard to contact during the project. I was also worried about slow feedback and important mistakes being made during the writing process.

Instead, I found him to be very responsive, and he quickly understood the purpose of the project (a white paper) and what needed to be done. His ability to guide the HBM team in terms of what was important to include in the white paper was appreciated, as he gave valuable suggestions at each step of the process. Colm also provided new ideas for content creation, he easily understood what we needed for revisions, and was quick to make any changes that were asked for. I’d definitely recommend his services.”

– Cristina Barbosa, International Product Manager, HBM

“your posts and the whitepaper are well written, comprehensive and full of very useful advice for science communicators. I will also share these with our product managers and scientific writers”

Anja Schue, Scientific PR Manager, Leica Microsystems

“Thanks for providing the information on optimizing the response rate of app notes. I respect your ability to multitask and repurpose content. The application note is in good shape now and consistent with what I expected. I’d happily work with you again”

Ben Ohler, Director of Marketing, Asylum Research

“…happy with the ‘7 Questions To Ask…’ article, so I think we shouldn’t be too far away from getting it up online. Thanks!”

Tony Kelly, Digital Marketing Executive, Andor Technology

“Thanks for the article, and in terms of feedback given – there wasn’t any – the client approved it first time of asking! They liked it so much that they want to do another one”

Kristopher Walker, Head of Content, AZoNetwork Group

“Thanks for the white paper Colm. We will discuss, gather feedback from the whole team and come back to you very quickly. I really appreciate your timely delivery here.”

Joanne Fallowfield, Senior Marketing Manager for Life Science Research, Leica Microsystems

“Thanks Colm! The article is looking good! I accepted all of your edits and just made a couple more.”

Sondra Hadden, C&EN Marketing and Content Strategy Manager, ACS

“Thank you so much, this content is great. I’m sending to the client today for review. I’m hoping we can pull you in on another potential project we have coming up. I’ll keep you posted, but very impressed with how thorough you are. Thanks for all your help and for staying on top of this project”

Leslie Brady, Senior Account Director, The Pomerantz Agency

“I really liked the “special report” approach. I truly believe that it was a nice piece of content for our community and would be happy to handle more projects like this one”.

-Florence de la Grange, Marketing Manager, Leica Microsystems