White Papers

White papers are valuable tools for highlighting a specific problem in an industry and then focusing on a new and improved solution to that problem.

Unlike traditional marketing copy, white papers are more educational and informative, relying on well-researched content and a more objective tone. So they can position your company as an industry leader, and a provider of valuable, helpful content.

Here’s everything included in my white paper service:

– White Paper Foundation (see below)

– Kick-off call to discuss the project

– Interviews with up to two subject matter experts

– Background reading and research

– Content strategy development

– Title development

– Writing the white paper

– Unlimited rounds of revisions

The White Paper Foundation

The White Paper Foundation is a plan or outline for your white paper. A solid foundation is critical for any long form piece of content, because it helps you ensure your white paper is a success. It also saves you time and costly revisions.

This Foundation is a standalone service, but it’s also the first step for any white paper I write for a client.

The Foundation itself consists of 12 parts

When completed, these parts will allow you to get your white paper project off the ground quickly and with minimum hassle. And you’re under no obligation to hire me to write the full white paper afterwards. If you ARE interested in working with me further, we can discuss this. But that’s up to you.

White Paper supporting collateral

To get the most out of your white paper, you need to repurpose and promote it as much as possible.

I can take your finished white paper and turn it into a series of blog posts, an article, a slide deck, as well as a host of other content formats.

I can also help you craft press releases, emails, and ad copy to help you promote the finished piece.

Finally, case studies are often included in white papers to support the claims being made. If you’re interested, I can help with this.

If any of the above sound interesting to you, your next step is to schedule a Project Roadmap. Email colm@sciencecopywriting.com and let’s talk!