Why me?

So… why should you hire me?

Put simply, I have a unique combination of marketing skills and scientific experience that prevents wasted time at the beginning of any project.

Other writers or marketing consultants take up valuable time learning the science. But my scientific background, combined with my ability to write clear and persuasive marketing content, means I’ve got a mix of skills uniquely suited to help you. I can hit the ground running quickly, without any wasted time.

In other words, I’m both a marketer and a scientist.

What does this unique combo mean for you exactly?

I’ve worked as a scientist for over a decade. And I’ve spent the last 7 years writing marketing content for some of the leading scientific technology companies in the world. I’m uniquely positioned to act as a content marketing advisor and writer for scientific technology.

So when you work with me, you benefit from my vast experience in both the science and marketing worlds. There’s no need to waste time bringing me up to speed on complex scientific topics or the technology you sell. My 11 years of experience as a research scientist means I’m more than familiar with a variety of scientific technologies.

Most writers are either scientists OR marketers… rarely both

And those that do have a science background certainly don’t have over a decade of research experience at the doctorate level. This means you’ll have to spend many hours educating them on the industry and technology. And you’ll waste even more time revising their draft if it comes back unclear and full of technical inaccuracies.

Unlike other writers or consultants, my science background gives me a deep understanding of most of the subject matter I work with.

That means no time is wasted, and we can hit the ground running on any marketing project. And if I’m not familiar with a subject, I can use my research skills to quickly get up to speed.


What I liked most about working with Colm was his familiarity with our instruments and techniques. This meant that many of the initial hurdles of working with a writer on our scientifically rigorous marketing material were easily overcome. This is vital, as working with general technical writers has required an extensive training period just to get them up to speed on terminology and the basic science surrounding our products. But with Colm, this wasn’t needed”. 

Alexandre Ilitchev, Science Content Writer, Thermo Fisher Scientific

There are other features that make my services unique:

First: I never miss a deadline. In fact, I’ve never missed a project due date in the 6 years I’ve been writing professionally for clients. So you can be assured I’m reliable and will get your project finished by the deadline we agree on. Guaranteed.

Second: I’m not just a writer. I also come on board as an advisor and can provide you with ideas and suggestions for each project.

Third: Some quick bullet points on my scientific background that weren’t covered above:

– B.Sc. degree in chemistry

– Ph.D. in nanotechnology and materials science

– 10 years experience working in chemistry and science labs at the research level


“I was very pleased with Colm’s work, professionalism, flexibility, and timeliness. He was able to take direction from the client, which is so important. And he delivered all work on time.

A couple of other things: he used well-researched material with quality attributed sources for everything he wrote. This is especially important for objective content for high-tech and scientific firms, where everything needs to be backed up with solid proof. He was also able to make technical language approachable to a general audience. Finally, his white-labelled service – ghostwriting content for science and tech companies – was much appreciated.

Overall, I’m glad I found Colm, and I’m happy to recommend him for all of the above reasons.

-Sean Perlmutter, Founding Partner, Pivotal Twist