Schedule a Project Roadmap

Project Roadmapping for Science Marketers

Give me 90 minutes and I’ll help you define your project, gain clarity around your most important problem, outline next steps, and build an actionable plan around those steps

All of my new client projects and relationships get started the same way: with a formal Project Roadmapping engagement. Here, we work to help you gain clarity, set direction, and identify next steps. 

Why a Project Roadmap?

Failing to clearly define a project can lead to procrastination, ambiguity, overanalysis. It can also cost you money and time (your most valuable resource). These are your enemies – they can derail a marketing project before it even gets off the ground.

Project Roadmapping helps you avoid these problems.

Sometimes, a client will ask me to help with implementation work – writing the actual content and copy. But this only happens after I’ve had the chance to really understand your challenges, outline the project completely, and earn your trust.

Remember, clarity leads to confidence.

And my Project Roadmapping session gives you the chance to get clarity, identify the various paths forward, pick the best one, and start making progress. Think of it as facilitating a process of self-discovery for you

Who is it for? 

My Project Roadmapping session is for marketing professionals in scientific tech companies who have an upcoming project or campaign they need help with.

For example:

  • Maybe you need a white paper and have no idea how to get started.
  • Maybe the project isn’t clearly defined. 
  • Maybe you’re not sure how to best leverage your content once you’ve created it.
  • Maybe you don’t know how to promote your content or get more eyeballs on it.
  • Maybe you’re struggling to find the time to get the project done. 
  • Maybe you just need a valuable outside perspective.

I can help you troubleshoot potentially costly problems and find a way forward. 

You’ll get a roadmap you can use – one that clearly defines your project, identifies next steps, and outlines a plan you can take action on.

Your next step:

1. For full details on my Project Roadmapping session, drop me an email at, with “Project Roadmap” in the subject line.

In your email, please give a brief outline of the project you have in mind.

2. I’ll follow up with you within 24 hours with a link to a PDF or Google Doc. This will give you the full details of my Project Roadmapping session, including pricing and how it works.